Getting to Baby! Week #9

Lots of info pouring in this week!  The hematologist found that most my tests brought normal results, but my iron level was very low and hemoglobin was also a bit off.

So my antithrombin (clotting issues) has showed some issues and now hemaglobin (bleeding issues) was off too.  Which seems odd since they do the opposite thing.  So the hematologist wants to treat the iron for a month and then retest all of it and see if there’s an effect.

As for the fertility specialist, we had our follow up and went over all the results as a whole.  Basically there is nothing glaringly obvious that would prevent pregnancy or cause pregnancy loss.  So that’s good.  Except that we still just don’t know why I had losses previously.  The blood clotting is the only possible issue left to rule our or deal with. She said there are a lot of things the medical world just doesn’t understand so there may be lots of information beneath the “normal” test results that is meaningful, but tests just don’t currently exist to see any of it. Continue reading “Getting to Baby! Week #9”


Getting to Baby! Week #8

This week has been fun. Also exhausting.

We traveled to Utah to spend a few days in the mountains with my family.  All my siblings were there and it was a great time in a beautiful cabin plus some boating, sight seeing, and a day at Sundance.

On the way home we met up with Kents family for a few more days of vacation.  This time at Lake Powell.  We will be here for one more day and then Continue reading “Getting to Baby! Week #8”

Getting to Baby! Week #7

I passed out today.

I went to the lab to get all my hematology labs drawn as well as my chromosome panel that was missed last time and to retest TSH to confirm my thyroid medication dosage.  So all together it was something like 15 vials of blood and I was fasting for the iron test.

So after the flebotamist finished the draw I got blurry vision and tingly hands.  I was sitting up in a chair so I told her I felt like I was going to pass out.  I asked for an alcohol wipe to smell but she ignored me and said I could lean forward and rest my head on the arm rest.  She got a paper towel wet and put it on my neck as I leaned forward.    Continue reading “Getting to Baby! Week #7”

Getting to Baby! Week #6

This week has flown by.  I decided to go ahead and get my hematology labs done instead of waiting or my new insurance to share the cost.  So I’m going in tomorrow for the blood draw and I’ll get an other TSH test to confirm my dosage and they’ll also draw for  the chromosome tests that were accidentally not ordered a month ago.  So that all should provide quite a bit of context and hopefully some answers about the current state of my health or the cause of the previous miscarriages.

Originally, Kent and I agreed on trying to get pregnant as soon as July, so it feels a little bit discouraging that August is here and we are still just running tests with out even an estimation of a “start date.”  Summer has been busy and we still have more traveling left to do so hopefully things start coming together more quickly once the craziness of summer settles down.

I’ m throwing a baby shower for a friend whose having twins so it’s been really fun to shop for all the baby stuff and think about what I’d pick for my own little person.  I can’t wait to get my baby fix when her littles make their debut.

Hopefully this next round of tests will help us rule out a couple more issues and we can get closer to baby.


Getting to Baby! Week #5

This week Has been swallowed up in house projects.  We didn’t have any appointments and I’m waiting to hear from my new insurance regarding how much of the hematology labs they’ll cover to decide if it’s worth waiting for two months to get those drawn.

The projects around the house are keeping me going all day and I feel like my energy level is improving which feels awesome.  

Ive been logging my food and tracking calories just to see where I’m at and I started a 25 day fitness/diet challenge today to prompt improvement. The challenge is basically just cutting out processed sugar, upping my veggie intake, and getting 30 minutes of exercise per day. I haven’t been doing the yoga videos lately so I might add those back in as well for stretching. 

Pregnancy and motherhood are extremely physical and fore getting ready means a lot of tune up in my diet and exercise routines.  My goal isn’t weight loss but I think I could lose 5-10 lbs if I push pretty hard over the next couple of months and I hope to be stronger and more flexible.  My top priority is keeping hormones and everything in check so I need to keep a steady balance and improve things gently.  That’s not my natural tendency so it’s a good thing for me to work on and learn.

Getting to Baby! Week #4

We Traveled this past week but right before we left I met with the Hematologist for the fisrt time.  She isn’t overly concerned with my Antithrombin test results being low because I don’t have any obvious symptoms or history of a clotting disorder.  Still, she recommended about 15 additional tests so we can figure out what’s going on and address it all with my fertility specialist.  I was going to get the blood work done before leaving town but my new insurance doesn’t cover anything for the first two months so when I saw the cost I opted for waiting until I could bill insurance.   I may change my mind and get the labs done sooner, but that’s where I’m at now.  Continue reading “Getting to Baby! Week #4”