Getting to Baby! Week #14

It’s been an exciting week.  I scheduled my SHG so we will do that a week from today to see if there are polyps and schedule a removal if needed.  I decided not to start Clomid this cycle since I won’t be TTC until after the SHG + removal.  I’ll plan to start it day 3 of my next cycle unless something changes between now and then.  That timeframe feels so hopeful and exciting.  I can not wait to move forward. Continue reading “Getting to Baby! Week #14”


Getting to Baby! Week #13

One more week down and we are feeling good. No major developments, but we are getting used to taking tons of pills and I’m just looking forward to my cycle starting (for once in my life). We will schedule the SHG as soon as that happens and go from there.

We’ve both felt super happy and excited since our appointment last week and our focus has been on getting our house ready to sell.  We’ve loved living here and can’t wait to move onto the next adventure in Utah.  The hard part is that it feels like my life has turned into a steady string of goodbyes as I meet up with different friends every couple of days for what will probably be he last time before we move. 

It’s so great to be with them but driving off is sad every time.  These people have made me who I am and supported me like family.  I’ve poured a fair amount of myself into them also and it feels wrong to say goodbye.  We of course say we will visit and stay in touch but I know how life goes.  These people who I know way too much about will more than likely be near atrangers to me one day.  I hope though if we do cross paths one day in the future we will smile and remember how good we were to each other for these years.  They’ll move on and so will I but I hope we will always remember these times.  We never knew how long we’d be here but we’ve never doubted why we stay.

Getting to Baby! Week #10-12

We’ve had a few really busy but exciting weeks.  We decided somewhat suddenly to move back to our home state of Utah!  That’s been a really exciting decision for us but also induced crazy levels of urgency in selling our house.  I’ve gone back and forth to Utah looking for homes and Kent has kept the projects rolling forward here in AZ.  We’ve made offers on 3 homes in my hometown and 2 were accepted so we are pushing to get our house listed this next week and hopefully SOLD really quickly.

On the baby front, we had our appointment with the other Fertility Specialist.  We made the appointment a long time ago and we are so glad we kept it! His additional perspective and recommendations have been invaluable to us and made a lot more sense then the inconclusive answers we had previously.  We walked away with happy tears and so much hope.   Continue reading “Getting to Baby! Week #10-12”

Getting to Baby! Week #9

Lots of info pouring in this week!  The hematologist found that most my tests brought normal results, but my iron level was very low and hemoglobin was also a bit off.

So my antithrombin (clotting issues) has showed some issues and now hemaglobin (bleeding issues) was off too.  Which seems odd since they do the opposite thing.  So the hematologist wants to treat the iron for a month and then retest all of it and see if there’s an effect.

As for the fertility specialist, we had our follow up and went over all the results as a whole.  Basically there is nothing glaringly obvious that would prevent pregnancy or cause pregnancy loss.  So that’s good.  Except that we still just don’t know why I had losses previously.  The blood clotting is the only possible issue left to rule our or deal with. She said there are a lot of things the medical world just doesn’t understand so there may be lots of information beneath the “normal” test results that is meaningful, but tests just don’t currently exist to see any of it. Continue reading “Getting to Baby! Week #9”

Getting to Baby! Week #8

This week has been fun. Also exhausting.

We traveled to Utah to spend a few days in the mountains with my family.  All my siblings were there and it was a great time in a beautiful cabin plus some boating, sight seeing, and a day at Sundance.

On the way home we met up with Kents family for a few more days of vacation.  This time at Lake Powell.  We will be here for one more day and then Continue reading “Getting to Baby! Week #8”