Getting to Baby! Week #13

One more week down and we are feeling good. No major developments, but we are getting used to taking tons of pills and I’m just looking forward to my cycle starting (for once in my life). We will schedule the SHG as soon as that happens and go from there.

We’ve both felt super happy and excited since our appointment last week and our focus has been on getting our house ready to sell.  We’ve loved living here and can’t wait to move onto the next adventure in Utah.  The hard part is that it feels like my life has turned into a steady string of goodbyes as I meet up with different friends every couple of days for what will probably be he last time before we move. 

It’s so great to be with them but driving off is sad every time.  These people have made me who I am and supported me like family.  I’ve poured a fair amount of myself into them also and it feels wrong to say goodbye.  We of course say we will visit and stay in touch but I know how life goes.  These people who I know way too much about will more than likely be near atrangers to me one day.  I hope though if we do cross paths one day in the future we will smile and remember how good we were to each other for these years.  They’ll move on and so will I but I hope we will always remember these times.  We never knew how long we’d be here but we’ve never doubted why we stay.


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