Getting to Baby! Week #6

This week has flown by.  I decided to go ahead and get my hematology labs done instead of waiting or my new insurance to share the cost.  So I’m going in tomorrow for the blood draw and I’ll get an other TSH test to confirm my dosage and they’ll also draw for  the chromosome tests that were accidentally not ordered a month ago.  So that all should provide quite a bit of context and hopefully some answers about the current state of my health or the cause of the previous miscarriages.

Originally, Kent and I agreed on trying to get pregnant as soon as July, so it feels a little bit discouraging that August is here and we are still just running tests with out even an estimation of a “start date.”  Summer has been busy and we still have more traveling left to do so hopefully things start coming together more quickly once the craziness of summer settles down.

I’ m throwing a baby shower for a friend whose having twins so it’s been really fun to shop for all the baby stuff and think about what I’d pick for my own little person.  I can’t wait to get my baby fix when her littles make their debut.

Hopefully this next round of tests will help us rule out a couple more issues and we can get closer to baby.



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