Getting to Baby! Week #5

This week Has been swallowed up in house projects.  We didn’t have any appointments and I’m waiting to hear from my new insurance regarding how much of the hematology labs they’ll cover to decide if it’s worth waiting for two months to get those drawn.

The projects around the house are keeping me going all day and I feel like my energy level is improving which feels awesome.  

Ive been logging my food and tracking calories just to see where I’m at and I started a 25 day fitness/diet challenge today to prompt improvement. The challenge is basically just cutting out processed sugar, upping my veggie intake, and getting 30 minutes of exercise per day. I haven’t been doing the yoga videos lately so I might add those back in as well for stretching. 

Pregnancy and motherhood are extremely physical and fore getting ready means a lot of tune up in my diet and exercise routines.  My goal isn’t weight loss but I think I could lose 5-10 lbs if I push pretty hard over the next couple of months and I hope to be stronger and more flexible.  My top priority is keeping hormones and everything in check so I need to keep a steady balance and improve things gently.  That’s not my natural tendency so it’s a good thing for me to work on and learn.


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