Getting to Baby! Week #3

It’s incredible how quickly we adapt to things.  My mom was telling me that when she got home from Vegas this week she was habitually walking out and around the bench at the foot of the bed when she’d get up in the night.  She realized she doesn’t actually have a bench at the end of her bed, but there had been one in her hotel room all week in Vegas so she had quickly grown accustomed to avoiding it in the night.  Now upon her return home she had almost unknowingly kept up the habit of adding a few paces to her route until she caught herself avoiding something that wasn’t even there.

How often is this the way life goes.  We let patterns go unchecked and realize we are merely going through the motions or fearfully avoiding something that isn’t actually a threat.  On the other hand, how gracefully do we rebound from injury and adapt to obstacles that are placed in our way?  I think its actually inspiring to remember that we learn.  We change and morph and become something new every day.  We let changes create new habits and then we tear those down and replace them when they no longer serve a purpose. That’s how I’ve felt lately.  Deciding to do something that hasn’t naturally fallen into place is a bit like swimming against the current.  It takes intention and sacrifice so I’m changing and stretching a lot.  Stretching hurts, but it hurts like a deep massage.  The pain somehow brings relief and the relief gives you strength to take on more pain.  And for this moment at least it’s all becoming normal.  I’m settling in and getting the hang of it.  I’m creating habits and finding new strength to do what I’ve never done.

We didn’t have any appointments this week, but I got scheduled with the hematologist.  I’m really interested to find out what She thinks about my lab results and what she’ll suggests for dealing with the Antithrombin issue.

My Current Treatments: Prenatal Vitamin (daily), Vitamin D3 (weekly), Thyroid medication (daily)

My Thyroid med is supposed to be taken on empty stomach and the Rx says in the morning at least 30 minutes before breakfast.  I was having a difficult time with it because I’m not a consistent breakfast eater and my mornings are not routine.  I felt like by the time I remembered to take it I was sometimes having to delay lunch and it wasn’t getting taken at a consistent time each day. Also it doesn’t make me sick, but I wouldn’t feel great for a few hours after taking it. So I did some research and found out its commonly taken right before bed.  Its absorbed best when there aren’t other meds, vitamins, or food in your stomach so now I take my prenatal and VitD with Breakfast and stop eating several hours before bed and when I get a glass of water before bed I pop the pill with an empty stomach and sleep through any of the not great feeling.  This schedule has helped me be way more consistent with timing of the dose and I feel great when I wake up.

The combination of Vitamin D and Thyroid support has definitely had a positive effect on my energy. Two weeks into both treatments I’m starting to notice that I wake up with energy and I’m able to keep moving and doing things all day.  I’m happy to get these areas corrected even if it’s not directly related to pregnancy.

We are one week closer and there’s lots of good things coming into focus.



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