Getting to Baby! Week #2

Test results are coming in.  Here’s what we learned this week:

  • My THS level was high on the first test (indicating underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism) and it was within “normal” range on the next test a week later.  Even though the second result is normal, a lower THS is ideal for pregnancy so the doctor prescribed a thyroid medication I’ll take each day and we’ll retest THS in a month to confirm the dosage.
  • Kent’s chromosomal results came back showing nothing abnormal.  My test didn’t come back and the office realized they didn’t ever add the test to the lab order.  So I get to go back in for an other blood draw next week.
  • My other results were all normal except for Antithrombin III which came back as low meaning I could have blood clotting issues.  The doctor wants me to see a hematologist to review the findings and discuss causes and treatments. So I’ll do that this next week.  From what we’ve seen in our very initial research this deficiency can be connected with pregnancy loss.  It’s not clear yet whether it explains our previous miscarriages though.


Current treatments: I’m taking a Prenatal Supplement daily, Vitamin D3 weekly, and Thyroid medication daily.

This week has flown by.  Some of the overwhelm with starting this process has eased into focus and that feels great. We went to Las Vegas to meet up with my mom and sister who were there for my sister’s dance nationals.  She has always been so talented and shes a naturally beautiful dancer.  Its inspiring to see how she’s developed her art even further with each year and we loved spending some down-time with my mom between performances.  The best part may have been just sitting together with a few of my people.  My mom has the kindest deepest heart.  She is so wise and yet she still listens intently as I describe the minute details of my life.  She shows genuine interest in what I’m learning even when it’s something she’s known for years.  Being with them fills my soul to flooding.  It’s hard living apart from both our families.  Driving off after visits like these always feels surreal and dissonant but we soaked up every minute we could before we left and we’re taking it all with us until next time.



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