Getting to Baby! Week #16


I got to snuggle my friends new babies yesterday.  She has the sweetest little boy and girl twins from IVF.  She has been such an awesome person to talk to through this journey and I felt so much joy being with her and her littles yesterday and thinking about how it actually happened for her.  After years of waiting and working for it they are here!  It made me so Continue reading “Getting to Baby! Week #16”


Getting to Baby! Week #16

We’ve had an awesome week.  All things baby are on hold until my pre-op appointment next month.  So I’m just keeping up on meds and supplements until then and its actually really good timing for a pause because we just sold our house!  We’ll be closing in a month from tomorrow so there’s a lot to do for the next 30 days.  We also got our home inspection back this week for the home we are moving into.  It’s an older house and needs some repairs so I’ve been trying to get contractors over there to get us quotes.  Even with things not being in perfect condition on the new house, and the fact that we’ve never actually seen the property in person, we feel at peace about it and we aren’t worried for some reason.  It just feels right and we’re going with that.

I feel best when I’m busy and I think having a move to prepare for will make the waiting for surgery go by faster.  So here’s to packing, cleaning, planning, and not losing my mind over the next couple weeks.

Then we hit the road.

time to move.jpg

Getting to Baby! Week #15


We did the sonohysterogram a few days ago and found no polyps!  That was great news but it did show something else known as a Uterine Septum.  In my case, the septum is not severe and that area of the uterine wall is just slightly thicker than it should be.  For reference, anything over 1.5cm thick is considered a septum, I’m at 1.7cm and a typical uterus is about 7.6cm in total length.  So, this means the outside of my uterus is a typical shape, but the inner layer is too thick at the top/center.  This septum is shaped like an upside-down triangle at the top of the uterus and it can make conception and pregnancy difficult for a few reasons: In severe cases the septum can extend the full length of the uterus creating two separate cavities. The septum itself does not have the same blood vessels and is made up if different tissues than that of the uterine wall so an embryo trying to implant near the septum will likely be unable to implant at all.  Likewise, when the placenta forms it needs to connect to the inner wall of the uterus and get a blood supply, but if the inner wall is too thick where the placenta attaches the villi will not be able to reach the blood vessels.  This is why even a minor, partial septum like I have can cause recurrent miscarriage. 

So how does a septum even happen? You’re born with it.  Here’s (basically) what my doctor told me  which is actually really interesting (as told by Wikipedia):

The uterus is formed during embryogenesis by the fusion of the two Müllerian ducts. During this fusion a resorption process eliminates the partition between the two ducts to create a single cavity. This process begins caudally and advances cranially, thus a complete septum formation represents an earlier disturbance of this absorption than the incomplete form. Causes for incomplete absorption are not known.

Here’s what it can look like:septate

Yesterday I had the odd realization that I had this before I was born.  All of this fertility stuff that has become my focus in life was part of me when I was still in utero myself. Regardless of how I exercised or ate right or anything for the past 27 years, this was already part of me from day one.  In that way I was “meant” to deal with miscarriages and fertility doctors and all that goes with it.  A tiny piece of tissue that didn’t develop completely before I was born may have caused all of this.  I feel kind of amazed by that.  It makes me questions how many little dents and divots do we all have that affect us in ways we may not even know? 

Anyways, I feel really happy because this is the first thing that makes sense as a possible reason for our previous losses.  Of course, they could have been random genetic abnormalities, but this is a real solid piece of information that makes a lot of sense to me and I count it as a huge blessing in this realm of mostly unanswered questions.


And next up will be surgery.  We have a pre-op appointment scheduled at the beginning of November to get the details and until then we will not be TTC.  What we know is that there is a risk of getting scar tissue where they cut away the septum.  If this was to happen, I’d have to have another surgery to remove the scar tissue since it too would block blood supply. But that’s the only major risk we know of at this point.  If everything else sounds good at the pre-op appointment we will move forward with surgery in mid-November or in January.  We’d like to do it sooner than later, but we already have a lot to pack in before the end of the year (sell our house, celebrate Thanksgiving, move to Utah, trip to Europe, settle in to our new house, get ready for Christmas, fit in real life between all that, etc.)  Plus, we won’t know which dates the surgeon is available until the pre-op so it’s possible we’ll squeeze surgery in before we move, but not super likely.  And although it’s not an overly risky recovery since there isn’t an incision or stitches involved, I’ll still probably be feeling less than my best for a full week after and I don’t want to be stuck in bed with the stress of an out of state move looming over my drugged up head.  So yeah, not super likely, but still possible I’ll have the surgery before the end of the year.  Otherwise, I’ll do it in January and I’ll travel back here to Arizona to have it done. 

In the meantime, I’m keeping up my supplements (CoQ10, Iron, Vit C, Vit D, cranberry, prenatal multi), thyroid medication, and daily baby aspirin until the next appointment and I’m holding on to my clomid and progesterone supply until after the surgery.  We’ve been at this for several months now and as much as I wish we could start trying, I’m really happy with the progress we are making.  It feels great to be setting up a solid foundation and getting a clear understanding

Getting to Baby! Week #14

It’s been an exciting week.  I scheduled my SHG so we will do that a week from today to see if there are polyps and schedule a removal if needed.  I decided not to start Clomid this cycle since I won’t be TTC until after the SHG + removal.  I’ll plan to start it day 3 of my next cycle unless something changes between now and then.  That timeframe feels so hopeful and exciting.  I can not wait to move forward.

I’m a little nervous about Clomid.  The doctor didn’t act like it was a big deal but the google is bringing up all sorts of stuff about miserable side effects.  I did not do well on birth control so I’m weary of anything hormone related.  I plan to discuss it with the doctor when I go in for the SHG next week just to make sure I’m ok with everything.  I’m also considering just not taking it for one month since I don’t have a problem ovulating and I’d just TTC with out it for one month and then add it on month 2 if I’m not pregnant immediately.  I’m not opposed to the chance of twins, but I also think it would be super overwhelming if it happened so no need to jump to that right off the bat. Anyways, I’m still deciding on Clomid for now; if you’ve taken it I’d love to hear your advice!

And that’s about it.  We listed our house and had several house showings.  We found a house we absolutely love and want it sooo bad. So we are making an offer today and hoping to get this place sold this weekend!!  We are so ready to move and be close to family. We think we’ve found the perfect-for-us home, and we are dying to get a solid move date so we can finish packing up and move out! Hopefully we have great news on the houses by the next update!  

In the meantime, I’ll be watching the live stream of LDS General Conference all weekend because it’s the absolute best most uplifting and comforting event every 6 months. I watch because I get personal direction and insight for the challenges in my life along with uplifting messages that help me keep everything going on in the world in a clear perspective.  I feel like I’m drenched in truth and knowledge and strength when I listen to the messages and pray to understand the questions in my heart.  It is something I look forward to all year and then I re-listen to the recorded sessions all year.  If you have even 15 minutes to tune in this weekend I promise you will not regret it. 

To watch with me just click here and you’ll see “Watch General Conference” at the top of the page.  

Getting to Baby! Week #13

One more week down and we are feeling good. No major developments, but we are getting used to taking tons of pills and I’m just looking forward to my cycle starting (for once in my life). We will schedule the SHG as soon as that happens and go from there.

We’ve both felt super happy and excited since our appointment last week and our focus has been on getting our house ready to sell.  We’ve loved living here and can’t wait to move onto the next adventure in Utah.  The hard part is that it feels like my life has turned into a steady string of goodbyes as I meet up with different friends every couple of days for what will probably be he last time before we move. 

It’s so great to be with them but driving off is sad every time.  These people have made me who I am and supported me like family.  I’ve poured a fair amount of myself into them also and it feels wrong to say goodbye.  We of course say we will visit and stay in touch but I know how life goes.  These people who I know way too much about will more than likely be near atrangers to me one day.  I hope though if we do cross paths one day in the future we will smile and remember how good we were to each other for these years.  They’ll move on and so will I but I hope we will always remember these times.  We never knew how long we’d be here but we’ve never doubted why we stay.

Getting to Baby! Week #10-12

We’ve had a few really busy but exciting weeks.  We decided somewhat suddenly to move back to our home state of Utah!  That’s been a really exciting decision for us but also induced crazy levels of urgency in selling our house.  I’ve gone back and forth to Utah looking for homes and Kent has kept the projects rolling forward here in AZ.  We’ve made offers on 3 homes in my hometown and 2 were accepted so we are pushing to get our house listed this next week and hopefully SOLD really quickly.

On the baby front, we had our appointment with the other Fertility Specialist.  We made the appointment a long time ago and we are so glad we kept it! His additional perspective and recommendations have been invaluable to us and made a lot more sense then the inconclusive answers we had previously.  We walked away with happy tears and so much hope.   Continue reading “Getting to Baby! Week #10-12”